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PhD Day


The PhD Day is an annual event taking place in January as a joint venture between the PhD Association and the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University. The day seeks to bring PhD students together and network across the broad diversity of scientific fields within health sciences that are represented at the faculty.

The PhD day takes place on 24 January 2020 and the theme is “Innovate and Initiatefrom Academia to Business!

We are proud to present our keynote speakers: John Haurum and Paul Zak are both entrepreneurs and scientists and will give sublime insights on how to innovate and initiate, bringing research from academia to business. 

Furthermore, we hope you will seize the opportunity to engage with the invited investors and company representatives from Novo Holdings, BioInnovation Institute (BII) and the Lundbeck Foundation - no matter whether you want to brainstorm on how to innovate your project, exchange ideas or develop a business idea.

In keeping with tradition, the day is devoted to students and their research with oral-, poster- and flash talk presentations. In addition, the Fogh-Nielsen prize competition is held and all participants are invited to an evening party to conclude the day.

Participation in PhD Day

PhD Day is a mandatory part of the PhD programme at Health. It is expected that all PhD students participate in PhD Day at least twice during the enrolment period. Absence due to e.g. maternity/paternity leave, sick leave, illness, or studying abroad is of course allowed.

  • First year PhD students, Research Year students and Research Honours Programme students are invited to submit abstracts and do a flash talk.
  • Second year PhD students are requested to submit abstracts and give a poster presentation.
  • Third year PhD students are requested to submit an abstract and participate as co-chairs or by giving an oral presentation.

Once you have submitted your abstract, you are automatically signed up for participation in the PhD Day.  

For supervisors

All supervisors are invited to participate in the PhD Day, and to contribute as chair for an oral, a poster or a flash talk session.

Participation in the PhD Day does not grant ECTS (as of 1 January 2019).     

Abstract submission

All PhD students at Health should submit an abstract describing either the results obtained or (for those who have only just started) describing the project. The abstracts will be presented in the abstract book (available in January).

How to submit your abstract

You submit your abstract via the abstract system. To login please use the same access credentials as for the Course Calendar.

The online submission of abstracts opens on 15 Septmeber 2019 and closes on 1 November 2019.

The maximum number of characters for abstracts is 1,700 (including spaces).

When submitting the abstract you are asked to:

  • Specify your current year in PhD or whether you are a Researh year or Research honour programme student
  • Choose if your research is “basic” or “clinical”
  • Choose the key words that best describe your area of research
  • (only third year PhD students) Choose your preferred role as “co-chairman” or “oral”

You must write the name of your main supervisor, as well as specify which graduate programme (GP) you are enrolled in (GP: BiomedicineGP: ClinFO (Clinical Medicine, Odontology and Forensic Medicine) or GP: Public Health.

Even if you have not had any new results within the last year, you are still expected to participate in the PhD Day and to submit an abstract. Do not reuse an old abstract – rephrase it and give it a new title.

Once the abstract book is available (in January), you can find your role (flash talk, poster presentation, oral presentation or chairman) by searching for your name. When available, you can find the abstract book in the right sidebar.

Please make sure that your abstract has been approved by the co-authors.  

PhD Day archive

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