Medical Innovation Day 2018

Medical Innovation Day is an annual event, which brings together medical companies and students studying any discipline with relation to medicine, health and healthcare.

The event has the double aim of introducing students from all participating faculties to real-life challenges from companies, while introducing companies to fresh new ideas from the scientific community.

Two tracks

Students and company representatives are invited to participate in two independent tracks:

  • Challenge Track
    PhD and Master’s students collaborate to come up with solutions to specific challenges presented by a participating company working within the health care sector in the broadest sense.
  • Innovative Ideas Track
    Companies are presented with new findings and ideas from PhD students and senior researchers alike, in order to spark collaboration on further development, financing or marketing of specific ideas.

Lots of topics

We welcome cases and ideas with any relation to health in the broadest sense.

Be it directly related areas such as:

  • Drugs
  • Apparatus for treatment/analysis
  • Medical devices and aids for patients and health care personnel
  • New services aimed at patients and health care personnel

Or more indirectly related areas such as:

  • New methods of production, treatment or evaluation
  • Development of new policies
  • New ways of organizing treatments and analysis
  • New methods of collaboration
  • Alternative methods of financing
  • New uses of big data

Who is invited?

  • Companies
    All companies working within the health sector or faced with a health related challenge. Companies are invited to participate whether they have entered a case for the challenges track or not.
  • Students
    All PhD and Master’s students enrolled at Aarhus University regardless of disciplines, who wish to contribute to solving a challenge.
  • Researchers
    All researchers with concrete ideas for application within the health sector.

A collaborative event

Medical Innovation Day is hosted by the Graduate School of Health (GSH) and its 3 doctoral programmes:

  • ClinFo (clinical medicine, forensic medicine and dentistry)
  • Biomedicine
  • Public Health

However, the event is arranged by a large group including researchers and lecturers from Science & Technology and Aarhus BSS.

Watch video from MID2017


Medical Innovation Day
5th of October, 2018

4th of October, 2018

Deadline for sign-up
17th of September 12.00 AM, 2018


Kamille Smidt Rasmussen

Associate Professor, Head of Graduate Programme