It is mandatory for the PhD student to complete three evaluations during the enrolment period. 

The evaluation should focus on:

  • Collaboration between the PhD student and the main supervisor
  • Whether the PhD study follows the PhD plan
  • Project feasibility
  • Project progression
  • Collaboration with international/external parties

Below, please find information on how to do the three evaluations during a PhD programme, and what to do if an evaluation has a negative outcome.

How to do an evaluation

The PhD student will receive an e-mail when it is time to begin the evaluation. Evaluations are carried out in the PhD Planner (login for both PhD students and supervisors) and should be written in English. Please make sure not to complete evaluations ahead of time. 

It is not possible to update the PhD plan before the evaluation is complete.

Passed evaluation
If the evaluation is passed, the main supervisor’s evaluation will reflect this, when he/she completes the evaluation in the PhD Planner.

Failed evaluation
If the evaluation is failed, the main supervisor will conclude the evaluation by expressing concern that the plan might not lead to timely completion or recommend a three month trial period.

When the evaluation is completed
When the evaluation is complete, both student and main supervisor can access the evaluation, including comments made by the Head of Graduate Programme and the graduate school.

More information?
See guidelines (right sidebar) for further information on how to do the evaluations.

The three evaluations

Dates for the ordinary, three year full time study (including Industrial PhD):

  • A written evaluation six months after enrolment
  • 18 months after enrolment - An oral midterm evaluation with the main supervisor and an evaluator, based on an approximately five page scientific report and a written evaluation with questions for both the PhD student and the main supervisor made in PhD Planner
  • A written evaluation six months before enrolment end


Three months trial period

If an evaluation has a negative outcome, the main supervisor will conclude the evaluation by indicating that “the plan will not lead to timely completion, three month trial period necessary”.

If a trial period is initiated, the PhD student will - during a three month period - follow a plan outlined by the student and his/her supervisors (and approved by the graduate school).

After the three months, the student’s PhD will be evaluated again. If the re-evaluation is positive, the PhD study continues. If the re-evaluation is negative the PhD student’s enrolment will terminate immediately as will employment (if any) at AU.