Research networks

Very often we overlook the richness of our local scientific environment as a source of mutal interest and potential collaborations. In particular as a PhD student, you often need immediate help from those around you, but knowledge about scientific activities can be hard to find. Below, a few of the activities hosted by the Depart of Biomedicine is listed.



  1. Rygnings effekter på føtale organer

    Ernst, E., Jönsson, B., Macek, M., Lade Nielsen, A., Larsen, A., Mamsen, L., Uldbjerg, N. & Pedersen, L. H.


    Projekter: Forskning


    Vægter, C. B.


    Projekter: Forskning

  3. Kryobarn: Follow-up undersøgelse af børn efter nedfrysning af ovarievæv

    Ernst, E. & Andersen, C. Y.


    Projekter: Forskning