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A Research Honours Programme offers all Master’s degree students from the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University a new way in to research.

The purpose of the programme is to prepare talented potential young researchers for a career within health science, through interdisciplinary activities.

During the two years of the Research Honours Programme, the student will gain broad insight into research, and will be challenged, both professionally and personally.

The programme runs concurrent with the student’s ordinary study, and therefore gives the student a unique career advantage, as well as a graduation with distinction.

In order to apply, the student must have obtained a Bachelor's or Professional Bachelor's degree and be enrolled in a Master’s degree programme at the Faculty of Health, Aarhus University and be about to begin their Master’s studies (or to begin 2nd semester, if the study was commenced in February 2019). 

Students are expected to perform above average; both up to this point as well as in the programme. Selection of applicants will be based on performance, including grades.    

Timeline for the processing of Research Honours Programme applications

1/7-15/9-201915/9-201923-25/9-201930/9-2019 (at the latest)

*In case of more qualified applicants than available positions, interviews will be held. Invitations for interviews will be sent in week 38.

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