Project plan

Project plan (research honours programme)

At the beginning of the second semester, you must hand in a project plan.
The plan should be composed with input from your supervisor(s).

The main supervisor must have a PhD degree and be employed at Health.
Co-supervisor must be at least a PhD student, must be from a different department than the main supervisor, and can be employed at a faculty other than Health.

The project plan is assessed by the Coordination Committee for the Honours Programme and must be approved in order for you to continue in the programme.

Description and requirements

The project plan text has to be in English and two - three pages.

The project plan has to include the following:

  • Name and affiliation of supervisor and co-supervisor
  • Brief overall description of the idea, including background (pitch an idea)
  • Overall time schedule for the project with milestones, including goals for progression and activities
  • Description of two-way expectations between supervisor(s) and student

The project plan must be combined into one PDF-file and sent to before deadline.