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Assessment of application

All PhD applications are evaluated based on the submitted material within the deadline, using the criteria for PhD fellowships.

Assessment criteria

The project

  • The project description; including the PhD student’s part in designing the project.
  • The standard and volume of the project – is it adequate for a PhD? Is the project appropriate for the enrolment period?
  • The scientific level of the project.
  • The use of varied methods and techniques.
  • How does the project stem from the newest knowledge in the field?
  • Does the project entail supporting evidence of feasibility, e.g. the power (of test)?

The applicant

  • CV; including:
    • A list of publications (if any) - assessed in comparison to time of active research.
    • Educational background.
    • Grades.
    • Extracurricular activities.
    • Research experience.
  • Motivation.
  • Other qualifications.

The research environment and PhD plan elements

  • Supervisors; including statement from the main supervisor.
  • International co-supervisor; co-supervisor's role in and contribution to the project.
  • Scientific environment.
  • Courses, dissemination and mobility (research stays, stays abroad).
  • International/interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Collaboration (if any) with a company.

The assessment of the application

PhD applications are assessed by the Stipend Committee.

Based on the assessments, a number of applications will be discussed at an allocation meeting and recommendations for fellowships will be made to the Dean of the Faculty of Health.

The final decision regarding admission is made by the Head of The Graduate School.
The final decision regarding fellowship is made by the Dean.
The decisions are final.   

See the list of members in the Stipend Committee.

After the assessment The Graduate School will send applications to the relevant department. Please contact your potential department for further information regarding the process at the department.

The Stipend Committee and the rules on disqualification

The Stipend Committee is subject to the special rules on disqualification as described in Part 2 of the Danish Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven).

This means that a member of the committee does not take part in an allocation meeting if he/she is the main supervisor or co-supervisor of or closely related to an applicant.

Admission offers

Based on the decision made at the allocation meeting, applicants can be offered one of the following types of enrolment:

  • Enrolment conditional on external funding
  • Enrolment including a fully financed PhD fellowship

An offer of enrolment is valid for a year. For recipients of a fully finaced PhD fellowships, the offer is only valid for six months.

A precondition for enrolment is that you submit a signed financial statement.

If your application is rejected as not qualified, you will receive a reply to your application.