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Assessment and the workshop

All applications are assessed by the head of the graduate programme, the project owner and a member of the recruitment committee.

If assessed qualified, you will be invited to the workshop "Annual recruitment day" on 14 November 2019 with the purpose of matching applicants and projects.

Assessment and video interview

During the process of assessing your application, you can be invited to particpate in an online, one-way interview that is recorded on video.

You will be asked a number of questions related to the project. You record your answer when you are ready, and you will have more than one take to answer a question.

The video of you and your answers will be used in the assessment of your application.

If you are invited for a one-way interview, you will receive an e-mail with further details and instructions. 

The workshop "Annual recruitment day"

At the workshop, you and the project owners (main supervisors) will meet.

Project owners will give a presentation of their projects.

Every applicant do a 10 minutes pitch on the project.
Each pitch should at least consist of:

  • Individual perspectives on the project
  • CV and merits

After the pitch, there will be a five minute interview of you by the head of the graduate programme, the project owner and a member of  the recruitment committee.

The interview will consist of follow up questions concerning your perspective on the project as well as questions relating to how you are/react in specific work situations. 

Matching applicant and project

At the end of the workshop, you will be asked to fill out a form, where you declare if you are still interested in the project.

Project owners will be asked to fill out a form as well, where they declare whether they found an applicant that matches the project (if there are more than one applicant, they will be asked to prioritize)

Based on the forms and the interviews, the recruitment committee undertakes the final selection of applicants and the coupling to the respective project proposals.

Projects or applicants that have not been prioritized are not considered.

Offer of enrolment and project description

Offer of enrolment

If you following the workshop are “matched” to a project, you will get an offer of enrolment and a fully financed PhD fellowship (which equals three years’ salary).

The offer of enrolment and a fully financed PhD fellowship is valid for 12 months.

Project description

Before the enrolment can begin, a project description (5 standard pages) must be completed in collaboration between you and the main supervisor.

The final project description needs to be approved by the head of the graduate programme before the enrolment can begin.

The project description is approved by signing a specific form – the form and the project description must be uploaded when you accept the offer of enrolment.

Approval of the project description takes place according to the same guidelines as those which apply to project descriptions for the application for enrolment.