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MatchPoints 2023 - Global Health Challenges and Solutions

This year’s MatchPoints conference in May will focus on “Global Health”. Join MatchPoints 2023, where some of the world’s leading experts will guest Aarhus University to discuss global health challenges and solutions.

With frightening clarity, the Covid-19 pandemic reminded the world of how quickly a local outbreak can morph into a pandemic, with devastating consequences for people’s health and the world’s economies. And with the escalating climate crisis and increasing population pressure, the risk of similar events will only increase.

But pandemics are not the only global health challenge facing our world. Climate change, pollution, lifestyle diseases and inequality are all factors that intersect to create new global health challenges – and intensify existing ones.

That is why this year’s MatchPoints conference in May will focus on “Global Health”. Over the course of two days, leading researchers, health stakeholders, PhD students and NGO representatives will shed light on some of the major health challenges facing our world, and suggest and discuss the solutions to overcome them.

In the article "The current state of global health" you can find more information about the conference. You can also find more information at www.matchpoints.au.dk

The conference takes place from 11-13 May 2023Register for the conference or upload an abstract now

Deadline for submitting abstract is 17 April 2023.
Deadline for registration is 26 April 2023.