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PhD defence: Sine Mette Øgendahl Buus

Inequality in acute stroke treatment

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Friday 23 February 2024,  at 14:00 - 16:00


Auditorium J116-113, Aarhus University Hospital

On Friday 23 February at 14:00, Sine Mette Øgendahl Buus defends her PhD dissertation entitled "Socioeconomic and Geographic Inequalities in Reperfusion Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke".

In a country with apparently equal access to healthcare services, it is intriguing to explore potential inequalities in the provision of hyperacute treatments (thrombolysis and thrombectomy) for acute ischemic stroke.

Socioeconomic and geographic inequalities are prevalent across many health domains, but do they also exist in hyperacute treatments (reperfusion therapies [thrombolysis and thrombectomy]) for acute ischemic stroke in a tax-financed healthcare system, where no user charges are applied for acutes healthcare services? In this PhD project, we found notable differences in who was offered reperfusion treatment. We investigated the use of reperfusion therapy based on differences in educational attainment, income, employment status, and residential address. Particularly unemployment was associated with a lower chance of receiving reperfusion treatment. Furthermore, our findings revealed that even among patients receiving reperfusion treatment, those with a lower socioeconomic status were less likely to achieve a good functional outcome three months after stroke.

The summary is written by the PhD student. 

The defence is public and takes place in Auditorium J116-113, Aarhus University Hospital. Please see the press release for more information. 


PhD student Sine Mette Øgendahl Buus

Mail: sinoeg@rm.dk

Phone: (+45) 20311254

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