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Guidelines - hosting at Health

This guide provides main supervisors and chairs of assessment committees with the graduate school’s recommendations for hosting at Health in connection with the defence of a PhD or a higher doctoral (dr. med./dr. odont.) dissertation.

Also, the guide includes practical information and administrative guidelines related to travel, accommodation, cost reimbursement and honorarium.


Let colleagues and others interested parties benefit from the presence of an academic expert

Benefit from the assessor’s presence and expert knowledge, e.g. by including the assessor in the department activities such as lectures or meetings with relevant groups at the department. If relevant, make sure to arrange in which activities you would like to include the assessor when you establish the assessment committee.  

Provide guidance in relation to hotel and transportation – prior to the visit

Refer the assessor to hotels near Aarhus University (see AU hotel arrangements) and share information about public transportation to/from the airport (see Billund Airport and Aarhus Airport) as well as to/from the university.


Make sure to arrange where, when and how you and the assessor will meet for the first time. Let the assessor know where to find your physical workplace/where you can meet and how to get in touch with each other.

Lunch or dinner after ending the committee work

Mark the end of the collaboration with a lunch or a dinner for all members of the committee (or alternatively a dinner on the night before the defence).

See the AU guidelines for entertainment expenses.  

Administrative guidelines

Travel, accommodation and honorarium

If you, as an assessor, need help with travel arrangements, accommodation, hotel booking etc., please contact the chairman for guidance. The graduate school does not handle booking of travel, accommodation etc. 

Reimbursement and honorarium

When arranging your journey, the graduate school reimburses up to DKK 8,000 for journeys within Europe and up to DKK 15,000 from countries outside Europe. We also reimburse your expenses regarding meals incl. beverages up to DKK 436 per day – if you send us a copy of the receipts. 

As an assessor from outside Aarhus University, you are entitled to an honorarium of approximately DKK 7,000.

Travel and accommodation

Please follow these rules for travel and accommodation:

  • Use public transportation during your trip (find information about timetables, prices and tickets at Billund Airport and Aarhus Airport).
  • Use only economy class when travelling
  • If you need to use taxi, please make an agreement with the graduate school beforehand

Aarhus University has made special agreements with several hotels. We encourage you to use these hotels. See the hotel list here.

When booking a hotel room, please be aware that the graduate school only reimburses up to 2 nights (DKK 1000 per night, incl. VAT). 

When possible, please have the invoice sent directly to the graduate school using our EAN-no.: 5798 000 418370. Make sure the following information is on the invoice:

  • Address: The Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University, Katrinebjergvej 89 F, DK-8200 Aarhus N,
  • CVR (VAT): 31119103
  • Sag: 12073, Sagsopgave: 35201
  • Your name and the name of the author of the dissertation

The paper work

Returning from the defence, please fill in, sign and return the following forms to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk

We need your signature on both forms, so we kindly ask you to print the forms, sign them and email a scanned copy along with the copies of your receipts.

Entertainment expenses

According to the AU guidelines for entertainment expenses, committee work in relation to a PhD or a doctoral dissertation/defence can be concluded with a lunch or a dinner for all members of the committee (or alternatively a dinner on the night before the defence).

The maximum amount for lunch/dinner can be found in the AU guidelines for entertainment expenses. The graduate school will defray all expenses for assessors and main supervisor in relation to a lunch, as well as assessors’ expenses in relation to a dinner.