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Teaching experience

A Danish PhD education requires the student to gain experience in dissemination and teaching related to their PhD project, cf. the PhD Order part 3, § 7. 

At the Faculty of Health, it has been decided that you are expected to have 150 hours of teaching and dissemination (including preparation). The 150 hours of teaching is a mandatory part of your PhD (regardless of the collective agreement your are employed under)

The teaching should be within the research area of your project, and the main supervisor is expected to provide an appropriate amount of supervision to support you in your teaching assignments.

The teaching assignments are part of your PhD degree programme and are not paid work, regardless of place of employment.  

Examples of dissemination and teaching assignments

  • Teaching students (master's degree, bachelor's degree, professional bachelor's degree students and at PhD courses): Classroom lessons, lectures, exercise instruction, in the training laboratory. You can include preparation when teaching students, please see how to calculate preparation.
  • Communicating information about your academic field and research area through patient associations, boards or at university extensions (please note, preparation cannot be included)
  • Giving talks or presentations about your project or academic field to colleagues, secondary school students, hospital staff etc. (please note, preparation cannot be included)
  • Presenting at conferences or congresses (can also be registered for ECTS credits) (please note, preparation cannot be included) 
  • Co-supervision in connection with the research module in the continuing education for medical doctors
  • Co-supervision of students at bachelor's or master's level
  • Co-supervision of research year students
  • Co-supervision of exchange students
  • Preparing teaching material for online education
  • Written material (e.g. brochures) to layman about subjects within your research area
  • Taking part in organizing and planning academic events (e.g. conferences and seminars) with scientific relevance to your PhD. You can register 15 hours in total of the 150 hours for organizing events (please note, you cannot register hours for organizing journal clubs)

What does not count as teaching assignments?

  • It does not count as teaching if you assist or help other PhD students with their projects
  • Censor on written exam assignments – both at Bachelor’s and Master’s level
  • Organizing, making a presentation or participating in a journal club

Registration in your PhD Planner

You record all activities and hours in your PhD Planner under the section "Dissemination".

Lesson preparation counts as external associate professor hours.

One lesson equals 45 minutes.


If you teach master's degree, bachelor's degree, professional bachelor's degree students or at a PhD course, you get 150 minutes preparation for a lecture, 90 minutes preparation for classroom lessons and 90 minutes preparation for exercises.

Everything else counts as the actual number of hours spent, i.e. a one hour presentation at a conference gives you one hour of teaching experience – there is no preparation included. 

Supervision of students is calculated in actual time spent and can in total make up 75 hours of the 150 hours in total.