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PhD Planner

New log in for the PhD planner

Please notice that you must now access the PhD Planner by using WAYF.  This means that you must use the same username and password for the PhD Planner as you use for your computer and other AU-systems. 

Employed by another institution

If you are employed by another public institution which is part of the WAYF collaboration, for instance, Central Denmark Region, you can log in with your Central Denmark Region username and password. In this case, please choose "Region Midtjylland" as your institution on the list.

If you have any trouble with the PhD Planner, please contact the graduate school, graduateschoolhealth@au.dk 

Here supervisors and PhD students login to the PhD planner.

PhD students will receive a login for the PhD planner via email around the time of enrolment.

If you are accessing PhD Planner from a computer on the RM network, we recommend using Google Chrome.