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Travel information for assessors

Guidelines for Assessment fees & Travel expense claims

As an Assessor, you are entitled to receive an honorarium and getting expenses reimbursed (see more details below).

In order for us, to process both your travel expense claim and assessment fee in a quick and timely manner, it is important that you adhere to the rules and regulations described in the sections below.

Please refrain from forwarding any documentation, with personal information to us by standard mail (in order to protect your personal data).

Please send all travel and assessment fee related correspondence, electronically by e-mail to GSHTravel@au.dk.

The Graduate School Health does not handle booking of travel, accommodation etc., please contact the Chairman for guidance.

Should you have any questions to forms already submitted, please send an e-mail to GSHTravel@au.dk.

Assessment fee

The standard assessment fee given to external assessor corresponds to 16 hours of work, approx. DKK 7.000.

In order to receive the assessment fee, you will need to fill out a form and send it by e-mail to GSHTravel@au.dk

Honorarium form for non-Danish assessors/ Honorarium form for Danish assessors 

At present time, we are not able to receive an Invoice from your Employer to Aarhus University, for payment of the honorarium.

Important information before booking Travel and Accommodation

When arranging your journey, the graduate school reimburses up to DKK 8,000 for journeys within Europe and up to DKK 15,000 from countries outside Europe, if the expenses are adhering to the rules and regulations stated here.

As a rule of thumb, you should always travel by the cheapest means of transportation as possible.

Should you require help with travel arrangements, accommodation, and hotel booking etc. please contact the Chairman for guidance. Otherwise, please see the rules and regulations explained below.


We only reimburse airfare booked on economy class.

If you book through your employer, they will have to issue an Invoice sent to Aarhus University. See more information under the section named “Travel expenses - paid by employer”.


There are few ways of booking and paying for accommodation.

  1. You can book yourself, pay upfront and get a reimbursement for the expense upon submitting an expense claim.
  2. You can book yourself (or with guidance from the Chairman) and have the Hotel issue an Invoice sent electronically (via the system Indfak) directly to Aarhus University using this address and EAN code:

    Aarhus Universitet
    Graduate School Health
    Vennelyst Boulevard 9
    8000 Aarhus C.
    Att.: Christina Bekhoi
    EAN 5798000418370
  3. You can book through your employer, and have your employer issue an Invoice to Aarhus University. See more information under the section named “Travel expenses - paid by employer”.

The Graduate School will reimburse up to 2 nights for an assessor, at a maximum cost of DKK 1.000 per night incl. breakfast and V.A.T. An extended stay at the same Hotel/room is allowed at the assessors own expense. Please note, that if the max. cost of DKK 1.000,- incl. V.A.T is exceeded, it might lead to a deduction of your final claim. In those cases, it will be helpful if you inform GSH of the reason why the limit has been exceeded.

  • Aarhus University has a hotel agreement with the following hotels, which we encourage you to use See the hotel list here.
  • Aarhus University also have an agreement with Zleep Hotel in Billund.

Ground transportation

We reimburse the following:

  • Train tickets on economy class. If you book an upgrade, please deduct the price difference, before entering the amount into the form.
  • Shuttlebus to and from airports (find information about timetables, prices and tickets at Billund Airport and Aarhus Airport).
  • Ferry, toll fees, parking.
  • Monorail – Aarhus – Route L2 (find information about timetables, prices and tickets at Midttrafik
  • Taxi – if special circumstances demands you to go by taxi, it needs to be pre-approved by the Graduate School Health by sending an e-mail to GSHTravel@au.dk.

Transportation by own car. Reimbursement amount is currently DKK 1.98 per kilometers. Please enter your details in the special sections for travelling by own car.

Travel expenses – personally paid

Find the expense claim here: Travel expense form

Find a guide to filling out the expense claim form here.

In order for you to receive reimbursement for travel expenses, you will need to fill out a travel expense form, and return it to Graduate School Health, with proof of payment in the form of copies of receipts, Invoices, Itinerary etc.

If found necessary, the Graduate School Health Travel will in some cases ask for further information, before being able to process your claim.

Below you will find information regarding documentation needed to process your claim.

In most cases, a receipt for your purchase will be sufficient, but for the three areas mentioned below, we will need more information according to travel policy and audit rules.

Hotel: Please attach both the online booking reservation (if you have one) which shows proof of payment, or a payment receipt and the final Invoices from the Hotel (on departure please ask for a copy of the Invoice made out to Aarhus University).

Airfare: Please attach your itinerary, which shows departure and arrival dates/times and proof of payment in the form of an Invoice/payment receipt.

Consumption: Please attach as much information as possible, i.e. an Invoice/proof of payment.

Travel expenses - paid by your employer

Expenses paid by your employer, has to be issued on an Invoice, which is sent electronically (PDF format) by e-mail to Graduate School Health Travel at GSHTravel@au.dk.

It is important, that your employer attach copies of all the travel expenses. The Invoice should also state your name, the name of the PhD Student and the date of the assessment.

Invoice details:

Aarhus University
Graduate School Health
Vennelyst Boulevard 9
8000 Aarhus C.
Att. Christina Bekhoi
V.A.T. No. : 31119103