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ClinFO board of pre assessors

When you apply for admission to the Graduate Programme (GP), your project quality, scientific level and feasibility will be assessed by a member of the Pre-assessment Board. Your personal qualifications will be assessed by a member of the Recruitment Committee. As a final assessment step the head of the GP will use the pre-assessments to rank the application. This ranking will be used by the Graduate School of Health to determine if the applicant qualifies for enrollment and additionally if the applicant qualifies for a scholarship. 

Our pre-assessors are professors and associate professors from the three departments affiliated to the ClinFO Programme. In specific cases we ask pre-assessors from other departments at AU, AAU and KU to help with pre-assessing the PhD projects.

We are always interested in the input from the scientific staff so if you want to become a member of our pre-assessor panel, please contact Head of Graduate Programme Kamille Smidt Rasmussen.

Pre assessors at ClinFO

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