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Application guide

You apply for enrolment through an online application form. Fill out the form and attach the following mandatory attachments:

  • Motivation

The motivational statement must describe your motivation for applying for the Innovation Track of the Research & Innovation Honours Programme, including activities, experiences and results relevant to the Innovation Track. The motivational statement must furthermore include a description of:

    • Your academic ambitions during and for the programme
    • Competences achieved during your education(-s) or other relevant activities
    • Which academic research areas you are interested in and why you want to tone your education with the Honours Programme
  • CV
  • Diploma’s - please upload a transcript of records from STADS and gymnasium etc.
  • Recommendation(s)

Motivation and CV must be in English. Diploma and recommendation(s) can be in English or Danish.  
All documents must be combined into one pdf-file before you submit your application.