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Exemption from activities

Exemptions are granted only on the basis of a specific application and only in exceptional cases.

The Coordination Committee for the Honours Programme will assess your application.

Causes to grant an exemption

Applications for exemptions can be met only if you can document that ‘special circumstances’ apply and thus may provide an exception from the usual rules and regulations in your case. When applying for an exemption, you must enclose documentation substantiating these ‘special circumstances’. Such documentation can be e.g. a medical certificate confirming that you have been ill, a death certificate confirming that you have lost a close relative, or similar.

As an example you can apply for an exemption for the rules if you can document:

  • Special circumstances
  • Birth or adoption
  • Physical disability

As a student at the Research honours programme, you are responsible for keeping yourself informed of the rules applying to the programme. Lack of knowledge of rules and regulations is therefore generally not considered a special circumstance.

Please notice that no matter which circumstances and documentations presented the decision on an application for an exemption is based on an individual assessment. Therefore, it is not possible to get a binding pre-assessment of the outcome from an application.

If your application for exemption is met, you should be aware that such exemption will apply only to one specific activity, or alternatively only for a limited period of time. If you need an exemption at a later point, you must therefore submit a new application for exemption.

Application form: Exemption from activities (research honours programme)

Exemption form

By using this form, you accept that Aarhus University stores and processes the personal data you provide to us to register your application. Your personal data is stored for approx. 30 days and will be deleted after processing). Read more in our privacy policy.”