PhD student counselling

The Graduate School of Health offers a student counselling service to PhD students at Health. If you have problems or find the need to discuss issues related to your studies, you are welcome to contact the graduate school’s student counsellor Sanne Angel.

Support for a successful degree programme

The student counsellor is a professional conversational partner who can help you get a better idea of your situation and options. Talks can make you more aware of what you have difficulties with and why, and the student counsellor can help you make a sound decision based on careful consideration.

If you experience difficulties with collaboration, the student counsellor can also give advice about rights and obligations within the PhD programme and provide an overview of mediation options.

All discussions are confidential and you are guaranteed complete anonymity.

What student guidance cannot do

It should be noted that student counsellor is not an alternative to academic supervision. The student counsellor primarily focuses on process-related topics.

The student counsellor does not deal with administrative issues. Instead you should contact the PhD administration if you have any questions regarding enrolment, financing, PhD plans, submission of dissertations, PhD courses etc.

About the student counsellor

Sanne Angel is a nurse and holds a MSc and a PhD in nursing science. You are welcome to contact Sanne to set up an appointment.

PhD student counsellor

Sanne Angel

Associate professor
H bldg. 1633, 218
P +4587167889
P +4551358576