PhD student counselling

The Graduate School of Health is here to support our PhD students in a successful degree programme. We have mechanisms in place to help you if you experience:

  • A personal crisis or mental health issues that can affect the academic performance and progress
  • Conflicts/problems occurring in the relationships between you and your supervisors

Contact your GP partner

Your GP partner (GP: Biomedicine, GP: ClinFO or GP: Public Health) can help you get an overview of your situation and identify suitable support either within the national health system, the university’s team of work psychologists or the management team. 

We are also happy to guide you on administrative matters such as enrolment, financing, PhD plans, submission of dissertations, PhD courses etc. 

Please note that your GP partner is not an alternative to academic supervision. We ask you to discuss any academic matter with your supervisor(s).

To the supervisor

It is considered beyond the tasks and abilities of a supervisor to support PhD students with severe personal problems or mental health issues. In such case, we encourage you to contact the relevant PhD contact person to get an overview of options and support for you and/or the PhD student.

Occasionally, we see relationships between PhD students and supervisors failing. We work to prevent conflicts by ensuring that the PhD student and the supervisor agree on the purpose and outcomes of the PhD study right from the beginning. However, the PhD contact person will take action to help solve the conflict or find a way forward for both parties, should a conflict occur.