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With an annual intake of approx. 170 students and approx. 640 enrolled students, the Graduate School of Health is one of Denmark’s largest graduate schools. The graduate school was formally established in 2007 and is now a multidisciplinary graduate school with long-standing traditions for recruiting students from the entire health science area.

The graduate school is responsible for the Graduate Programmes at Health, Aarhus University. The school covers all aspects of health science, including biomedicine, clinical medicine, public health, odontology, nursing science, sports science and biomedical engineering represented by the many university departments and sections.

The official aim of the school is to give the individual PhD student a broad knowledge of the scientific theories, methodologies and tools on which health science research is based and to develop the student’s understanding and ability to independently address scientific issues.


All PhD students at Health are occupied within one of three graduate programmes (GPs), which reflect the Health departments.

The graduate school is led by Head of the Graduate School Helene Nørrelund, who is assisted by the graduate school’s PhD committee. The Head of the Graduate School receives counselling from the Stipend Committee concerning admission of PhD students to the graduate school. The final decision regarding faculty fellowships is made by the Dean.

Furthermore, the PhD association at Health supports the graduate school management in improving the conditions for PhD students at Health. Lastly the graduate school’s student counsellor is available for counselling in relation to study specific issues.

Working relations

The Graduate School of Health has an extensive and excellent working relationship with Aarhus University Hospital, which gives the graduate school access to advanced technological facilities of the highest international standard.

Also, the graduate school collaborates with the business community which – together with private foundations – plays an important role in financing a large number of the research projects carried out by the graduate school’s PhD students.

PhD Day

In January the Graduate School of Health hosts the annual PhD day. The day is organized in collaboration with the PhD Association at Health. All PhD students at the graduate school are invited to participate by presenting their research work and throughout the day internationally recognised researchers lecture on topical subjects. The day concludes with a party for everyone.

Strategy and Action plan 2016-2020


The Graduate School of Health is a member of the Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (ORPHEUS). Read more about ORPHEUS.