Open calls

Call for PhD applications for enrolment and Part A scholarships for Integrated PhD

The Graduate School of Health is now accepting applications for enrolment and Part A scholarships for integrated PhD.

Furthermore, a number of research training supplements are allocated. Please note that you no longer have to apply for a research training supplement – applicants are automatically considered for a research training supplement when applying for enrolment.

Both the Part A scholarships for integrated PhD and the research training supplements are allocated in relation to the drawn up strategic criteria:

  • Early recruitment of talents
  • Mobility
  • Interdisciplinary co-operation and networking
  • Co-operation with the business community, university colleges and other external partners in municipalities and regions

For applicants for Part A scholarships for integrated PhD, meeting the strategic criteria “early recruitment of talents” will be a precondition to come into consideration.

For allocation of a research training supplement, the same strategic target areas will be emphasized in the prioritizing of applicants, but a high score on minimum one of the strategic criteria is not a precondition to come into consideration.

Read more about the strategic criteria by clicking here

Both Part A scholarships for integrated PhD granted and research training supplements will be allocated to the department at Aarhus University, where the PhD student will be enrolled. A filled out and signed financial statement is not a mandatory part of the application, but has to be signed and submitted before enrolment.

Read more about the fellowship scheme by clicking here.

Application criteria

To apply for a 3-year PhD study programme you must have completed a relevant Master’s degree. The Master’s study has to be equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree of 120 ECTS – If you are preparing an application together with a main supervisor, and would like to have your degree assessed, you can submit your diplomas for an assessment via

Important dates

  • Application deadline: 19 November 2018 at 11:59 pm (midnight)
  • Earliest possible starting date: 1 February 2019
  • Reply: End January 2019
  • An offer of enrolment is valid for a year (until 1 February 2020). Please note, for recipients of Part A scholarships for integrated PhD the offer is only valid for six months.

General criteria for PhD applications

All applications will be evaluated based on the submitted material using the following criteria. The time for research experience after the qualifying exam is taken into consideration.

The project (40 % of the total evaluation)

  • The project description; including the PhD student’s part in defining the project
  • The standard and volume of the project – is there sufficient scientific weight for a PhD? Is the project appropriate for the enrolment period?
  • The projects originality and innovative aspects
  • The scientific level of the project
  • How does the project stem from the newest knowledge in the field?
  • The project’s use of varied methods and techniques
  • Is the project developed across disciplines, including e.g. primary research/clinical research
  • Does the project entail supporting evidence of feasibility, e.g. the power (of test), or a description of alternative possible solutions to the raised scientific question?

The applicant (40 % of the total evaluation)

  • Research experience (in relation to the length of the actual research time) including participation in journal clubs and conferences and publications (accepted and/or published)
  • Early recruitment (integrated PhD)
  • Grades
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Motivation
  •  Other qualifications

The research environment and PhD plan elements (20 % of the total evaluation)

  • The scientific environment including:
  1. how the main supervisor and co-supervisors contribute to the completion of the PhD study, their availability and the number of students already supervised by the main supervisor and co-supervisors
  2. how the PhD student is exposed to an international research environment (locally and/or through a research stay abroad)
  3. activities across disciplines and sectors
  • Courses
  • Dissemination
  • Learning targets
  • Mobility, including statement from host institution
  • Main supervisor statement

The application

The application and all mandatory attachments, incl. the project description, must be in English. If the project description is not in English, the application will be rejected by the administration.

Please note that we will evaluate the application as it is when the deadline has passed. It is not possible to submit any material for the application after the deadline.

Furthermore, please be aware that we only evaluate one application per applicant per call. Thus, if you have submitted more than one application, we reserve the right only to evaluate the last application received.

Please note that PhD students who are already enrolled are not eligible for PhD fellowships and/or research training supplements.  Applications from enrolled PhD students will not be taken into consideration.

How to apply

Access the application form by clicking ‘PhD Call November 2018’ OR 'PhD Call November 2018' at the bottom of this page. The call is only for applicants who want to be a part of the molecular medicine PhD programme.

Please choose the Graduate Programme (GP) that reflects the department of employment of your future main supervisor. Please note that the administration will relocate your application to the appropriate GP, if necessary.

Application guide for PhD