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Apply for a PhD with your own project

There are two annual ordinary open calls, one in the spring semester and one in the autumn semester. When there is an ordinary open call it is advertised here.

To be enrolled as a PhD student, you must apply for enrolment and have your project approved and financed. 

In our ordinary open calls you apply for enrolment and a faculty fellowship. In addition, a number of fully financed integrated PhD fellowships from the Graduate School of Health is offered. 

When you apply for admission, you apply for one of our graduate programmes. You can read more about the graduate programmes here

All PhD applications are evaluated based on the submitted material within the deadline, using the assessment criteria for PhD fellowships. 

When all applications have been assessed by the Stipend Committee, you get a reply to your application (see the timeline below). See the types of admission offers.

Before you apply, please consult our application guide to learn about our admission requirements and mandatory elements of the application.

Here are 12 things you need to consider and remember before you apply!

  1. Do you meet our requirements for enrolment?  Application guide: ordinary open calls
  2. Does your project description adhere to our rules? Application guide: ordinary open calls
  3. Do you know how your application is assessed? Assessment of application

Attachments (should be uploaded only in PDF) – did you remember:

  1. Your project description? Project description (word)
  2. A recommendation from your main supervisor? Recommendation from main supervisor (Word)
  3. Your CV?
  4. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree diplomas and transcripts of records?
  5. Motivation and competences? Motivation and competences (Word)
  6. The initial PhD plan? Initial PhD plan (Word)
  7. Language documentation (recommended, documentation required before actual enrolment)?
  8. Budget (recommended, not required)? If you like,  you are welcome to use this budget form (Excel)
  9. Any other documents relevant to your application?

Timeline for ordinary open calls for PhD applications for enrolment and fellowship 2024

Spring 2024 - enrolment and fully financed PhD fellowship

Call Application for Reply Earliest starting date
31/1-28/2-2024* Enrolment and fully financed PhD fellowship End of May 1/6-2024

*dates can be subject to change

Autumn 2023 - enrolment and fully financed PhD fellowship

Call Application for Reply Earliest starting date
31/7-5/9-2024* Enrolment and fully financed PhD fellowship End of November 1/12-2024

*dates can be subject to change