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Advertising a predefined PhD project

To be considered for a PhD, an applicant must meet our requirements for enrolment:

  • The applicant must have a relevant higher education degree. The educational level will be assessed to determine whether it comply with entry requirements. If the applicant holds a degree other than a Danish Master’s degree, the degree is assessed by the Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education - please find more information
  • The applicant must master the English language corresponding to CEFR C1-levelIf an applicant does not meet the requirements, the graduate school administration will reject the application(s).
  • Please note, if an applicant already have a PhD, the application will not be taken into consideration and will be rejected.  

Grant for a project

If a project has been granted money and you as a project owner are looking for a PhD candidate, you can ask the graduate school to advertise the project on our website (at least for 14 days).

Please note, in order for us to start the process please submit:

Please send us all relevant information at least one week before the requested date of advertisement of the project on our website. The project will only be advertised under "predefined PhD projects".

At the end of the application deadline, applications will be checked that they fulfills our formal requirements after which they will be sent to assessment by the programme chairs and project owners. Please allow for a least one week for our processing of the applications.

Please find relevant information on how to apply including what mandatory attachments we require here: Application guide: predefined PhD projects

Offer of enrolment

Please note, when an offer of enrolment is sent out to an applicant, the applicant cannot accept the offer before they can provide us with the following mandatory documents: financial statement, project description and initial PhD plan.

  • Financial statement: A financial statement for the entire programme is a condition for enrolment and needs to be submitted when an an offer of enrolment is accepted. 

  • Project description:Before the enrolment can begin, a project description (5 standard pages) must be completed in collaboration between the candidate and the main supervisor. The final project description needs to be approved by the head of the graduate programme before the enrolment can begin.
    The project description is approved by signing a specific form – the form and the project description must be uploaded when the offer of enrolment is accepted. 
    Approval of the project description takes place according to the same guidelines as those which apply to project descriptions for the application for enrolment.

  • Intial PhD plan: Before the enrolment can begin the candidate must fill out an initial PhD plan and get it approved by the main supervisor and the head of the graduate programme.
    The plan describes the candiate's (and the main supervisor's) considerations on how to complete the mandatory study elements of the PhD. 
    The plan must be uploaded when the offer of enrolment is accepted. 

Grant for a specific applicant

If a PhD candidate has received money for a PhD project, you can ask the Graduate School of Health to apply for admission outside the ordinary calls.

Please note, that this is only a possibility if you have been granted a grant specifically to you of at least 50 per cent of the salary for a PhD and study fee. In addition, you need to document that the remaining funding has been secured (e.g. by submitting a financial statement)

Please find information on the legal framework for advertising of and appointment to scientific positions here

In order for us to start the process, please provide us with the following:

  • Notice(s) of funding with the PhD candidates name as recipient on it
  • financial statement that documents that you have full funding for a PhD (salary and study fee)

When we have received information confirming that you are the recipient of the grant(s), we will send you a link to an online application form in order to process the enrolment.

Please find relevant information on how to apply including mandatory attachments here: Application guide.

When we have received the application, it will be checked that the application fulfills our formal requirements after which it will be sent to assessment by the programme chairs.

Timeline for advertising a predefined PhD project

When advertising a predefined PhD project, there are some mandatory steps to go through, before the chosen candidate can begin his/her enrolment.

Please consult the timeline here.