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Suggest a PhD course

The courses offered by the Graduate School of Health are developing on an ongoing basis. If you find that a course is missing, you are welcome to contact the head of your GP (Biomedicine, Clinical Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Odontology/Oral Health or Public Health,) or the PhD administration and suggest that a new course is being set up.

Suggestion and approval of new courses

If you suggest that a new course is being set up, we advise you to find out whether (other) PhD students are interested in your course suggestion.

A number of formal requirements must be met before a course can be approved:

  • A course leader must agree with the relevant GP leader on being responsible for the course
  • The course leader must submit a course suggestion through the link in the right sidebar, including a ECTS calculation, a course budget and a course description (find the templates through the link) to the graduate school
  • Based on the recommendation from the head of the GP, the graduate school management must approve the set up and the academic content of the course

To allow sufficient time for the approval process, we kindly ask you to submit your course suggestion no later than 3 months before the course is expected to take place.