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Who can be supervisor?

Main supervisor

If you want to be a main supervisor, you must be employed at Health and be on the level of at least an Associate Professor. As main supervisor you are responsible for the entire PhD study.


The PhD student must find at least one co-supervisor with supplementary professional/academic knowledge, which is considered necessary for the completion of the project. 

There is no requirement for the co-supervisor to be employed at Health. But if you want to be a co-supervisor you should be on the level of a PhD or equivalent.

If the PhD project is conducted outside the university, one of the co-supervisors should be employed by the institution at which the project is conducted.

For industrial PhD students, one of the co-supervisors has to be affiliated with the company where the PhD student is employed.

Number of supervisors

A PhD student can have a total of four supervisors (incl. main supervisor).

If the PhD student wishes to have more than a total of four supervisors affiliated with the project, he/she needs to submit an argumentation. 

Appointment of supervisors

It is the Head of the Graduate School who appoints you as PhD supervisor.

In the appointment process, emphasis is placed on your ability to cover all professional/academic aspects of the project. In addition, it is emphasised that you are an active researcher within the given field of study.