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Subject-specific programmes

Faculty of Health offers PhD students a unique opportunity to boost their scientific profile as part of a subject-specific programme within neuroscience, cardiovascular diseases, and inflammation.

These programmes offer a tailored package of activities targeted specifically at Health PhD students who wish to undergo specialised PhD training. The programmes are headed by dedicated and recognised Aarhus University researchers who wants to support PhD students in strengthening their scientific profile and being an active part of a strong scientific community. Activities will be open to all PhD students at Health, but with priority to PhD students in the subject-specific programmes.

PhD students choose their subject‐specific programme based on their interests when applying for enrolment. Learn more about the programmes:

Prerequisites for enrolment

  • Enrolled as a PhD student at Health (at the time when the programme activities take place, i.e. from early 2025 and onwards). For PhD students already enrolled, this is a one-time offer. From 2025, application for enrolment in a subject-specific programme can only be done in connection with enrolment in a PhD programme.
  • A research project within the subject area
  • A supervisor from within the subject area
  • Academic criteria set by the director of the subject‐specific programme, if any (in such case, these will appear from the programme website)

Conditions for obtaining a diploma for participation in a subject‐specific programme

  • Participation in the five compulsory activities (one of each during the enrolment period)
  • A PhD project within the subject area
  • A supervisor from within the subject area
  • A consecutive change of environment period (preferably as a study abroad) of at least 30 days and relevant to the subject area (mandatory change of research environment)
  • Registration for a subject-specific programme before attending the activities.

Duties and responsibilities of the Heads of the Subject-Specific Programmes

Head of Subject-Specific Programme

The Heads of the subject-specific programmes (SPs) are the driving force of the activities in the subject-specific programme.

They can accept students for the subject-specific programme once the PhD student has been enrolled in a PhD study programme, and are responsible for developing and conducting programme activities, including coordination and communication with instructors, contact with PhD students in the programme, etc.

As they are not part of the graduate school management, they have no mandate to make decisions regarding the PhD degree study programme (e.g. regarding enrolment, courses, supervision, awarding of degrees, change of research environment etc.).

Head of Graduate Programme

The Heads of Graduate Programmes (GPs) hold the responsibility for courses and PhD degree programmes and form the graduate school management team together with the Head of Graduate School. They have a mandate to make decisions regarding enrolment, courses, supervision, awarding of degrees, etc.

The duties and responsibilities of the Heads of GPs are unfolded at the website of the Graduate Programmes: Graduate Programmes at the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University (au.dk)

All PhD students are affiliated with a Graduate Programme, including PhD students being part of a subject-specific programme.