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Change of research environment

A change of research environment, preferably abroad, is a mandatory part of your PhD.

The duration of a stay must be at least 30 consecutive days (from 1 January 2021, stays must be at least be 30 days in order to be approved as a research environment change). It is up to you and your main supervisor to find a suitable place for a research environment change.

A stay at another AU department/institution (incl. AUH and a hospital in Central Denmark Region) does not count as a research environment change. Also, participation in a course or a conference in itself does not count as a research environment change. Please also notice that participation in a conference or congress in connection with the research environment change (before, during, or after) is not included in the 30 days.

If your research environment change differs from this, you will have to send an application for exemption to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk

Going abroad?

The graduate school recommends you to arrange a research stay abroad. When becoming an active participant in the international research community you build a network across borders and get scientific and cultural experiences valuable to your project and your career.

A stay abroad is your opportunity to learn what you are not able to learn at home – whether it is new ways of treatment, new equipment or methods, or by getting access to databases, biobanks or specialized expertise within your field of research.

And as an ambassador to Health, your role is also to increase the knowledge of Health around the world and create lasting international collaborations. 

All PhD students can apply the graduate school for financial support to their research stay abroad. It is also possible to gain ECTS credits for your studies abroad. Learn more about how to plan your stay abroad.

Remember to register in MyPhD

The time you have spent in another research environment must be registered in MyPhD.