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Close your PhD plan

When you hand in your PhD dissertation you also need to close your PhD plan in MyPhD. The plan should be closed no later than the day you submit your dissertation.

You plan should at least contain all completed mandatory PhD elements:

  • Title of PhD project (and project description)
  • PhD courses amounting to 30 ECTS credits
  • Journal club(s) you have participated in
  • Two PhD Days
  • A research environment change with duration of at least one month (30 consecutive days)
  • Teaching experience amounting to at least 150 hours

Before your close your plan you need to make sure that all elements are updated and marked as “completed” (or “discarded” if not finished at the time you hand in your dissertation).

PhD project and publications

PhD project

Write the title of your PhD project. Start and end date should be the same as your enrolment period.

If your project changes from the time of enrolment, you need to upload the new and approved project description as well.


List the publications you have been author/co-author on during your enrolment period. Write the title of the publication and the publication status.

You can upload the article(s) (under attachments) and co-author statement(s) (under co-author statements) as well but it is not a requirement.


State the name of the course, number of ECTS and the start and end date.

Make sure to indicate the appropriate progress: Completed or discarded, and the country in which the course was taken.

Under attachments upload the course diploma. If it is an external course, make sure to upload the course approval.

Course diplomas from the graduate school courses can be downloaded from your profile in PhD Course Management.


For each element of dissemination, write the total number of hours and the type and name of the dissemination – for example: 30 hours: Class room teaching: Anatomy.

State the start and end date and indicate the appropriate progress: Completed or discarded, and the country in which the dissemination was carried out in.

Under comments state the number of lessons taught in hours/minutes, the number of preparation time in hours/minutes (if any) and the total number of hours/minutes.

Find more information about how to register teaching hours here.

Research environment change

Write the name of the department/institution/hospital that you have visited during you research environment change. State the start date, end date, which type of place you have been visiting and the country.

Make sure to indicate the appropriate progress: Completed or discarded.

If you submit a report based on your stay abroad and obtain ECTS credits, add the report and the approval for ECTS as a course, to ensure that the ECTS credits are registered.

PhD Day and journal clubs(s)

List the journal club(s) you have participated in. Remember to state the name of the journal club(s).

Add the PhD Days you have participated in actively (as "other activity") and upload the diploma.

If you have any other activities that do not categories as a course, teaching etc., you can list it under the category “other activity” in MyPhD.

Close your plan

When you are done updating your PhD plan, you can close it.

To do so, go to the ”to do” tab in MyPhD and close your plan.

When you have clicked “close plan”, you can no longer edit your PhD plan in MyPhD. 

We will receive the PhD plan and validate it while your PhD dissertation is screened for duplicate text.

If the PhD administration needs additional information or adjustments, you will receive an email and be asked to update your PhD Plan in MyPhD (your access will re-activated)