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Complaints and dispensation

Complaints concerning circumstances relating to the graduate school guidelines must be directed to the HE PhD Administration and must be addressed to the Head of the Graduate School. Under special circumstances, the Head of the Graduate School may grant exemptions from the rules adopted solely by the graduate school.

Complaints about topics governed by the PhD Order (in Danish) must be treated in line with the rules and regulations in §29 of the PhD Order, which stipulates that complaints may concern only legal issues. Complaints must be presented no later than 2 (two) weeks after the date at which the complainant has been informed of the decision.

The complaint must be submitted to Aarhus University, which must then make a statement; the complainant must then be allowed 1 (one) week to comment on such statement. After this deadline, Aarhus University must forward, to the relevant governing body, complaint, statement and complainant’s comments (if any).

Authors who submit a dissertation under §15(2) of the PhD Order (see "Submission of PhD dissertation without prior enrolment") are entitled to complain only if an assessment committee has been appointed for the dissertation.