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PhD day 2012

Successful supervision – a two way process

The PhD Day, 13 January 2012

The day will include exciting speakers, both Danish and international, poster/oral presentations, the Fogh Nielsen Prize competition and the well renowned dinner party in the evening.

As the PhD Day is the annual meeting point for all PhD students, everyone will again be expected to participate.

  • First and second year PhD students are expected to submit an abstract and present a poster
  • Third year or more PhD students should submit an abstract and will either be selected to do an oral presentation or will be selected as a chairman on a poster or oral session.

24 January 2012: List of session winners

Fogh Nielsen:

1st Prize: Yonglun Luo

Shared 2nd prize: Morten Søndergaard Jensen and Emma Tina Bisgaard Olesen

Oral and Poster presentations:

Session Name
Oral 1 Jennifer H. Christiensen
Oral 2 Anna Sellmer Sørensen
Oral 3 Dorthe Sørensen
Oral 4 Mette Richner
Oral 5 Charlotte Rotbøl Bøje
Poster 1 Sascha Eichendorff
Poster 2 Jesper Sand Sørensen
Poster 3 Birgitte Nellemann Sørensen
Poster 4 Therese Grønborg
Poster 5 Thomas Larsen
Poster 6 Pia Viuf Ørby
Poster 7 Jette Pedersen
Poster 8 Tue Kjølhede
Poster 9 Malene Outzen
Poster 10 Therese Juul
Poster 11 Kim Steve Bergkvist
Poster 12 Trine Tramm
Poster 13 Jesper Kallehauge
Poster 14 Rikke Esberg Kirkfeldt
Poster 15 Karen Axelgaard Lorentzen
Poster 16 Jonas Agerlund Povlsen
Poster 17 Marie Louise Schimitz
Poster 18 Kartheeeban Nagenthiraja
Poster 19 Justyna Zareba
Poster 20 Marie Maagaard Sørensen
Poster 21 Marianne Høgsberg Schleimann
Poster 22 Julie Prahl
Poster 23 Anni Assing Winckelmann
Poster 24 Nicoline Valentina Krogstrup
Poster 25 Dorthe Krogsgaard Bonnerup
Poster 26 Jan Rölfing
Poster 27 Shivani Joshi
Poster 28 Helle Kristensen

04 January 2012: The title of Sir Andrew McMichaels talk

The title of Sir Andrew McMichaels talk will be:

“Supervision and Mentorship in developing a scientific career”

19 December 2011: Registration for the dinner is closed

There are no more seats avalible at the dinner party.

12 December 2011: The abstract book

The abstract book is now avalible for download as a PDF. You can have a read of all the interesting abstracts. Download abstract book

5 December 2011: PhD Day Dinner

We invite you to register for the PhD Day dinner party 2012.

A three course meal will be served, followed by a festive speak and music from the band- Park life.

The evening will start at 18:00 and finish at 02:00 on Friday the 13th January 2012 in Stakladen, Fredrik Nielsens Vej, 8000 Århus C

We have a limited number of seats available and as we had a high number of cancellations last year, we have found it necessary to charge 50 kr per ticket. The seats will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.

It is not possible to cancel your ticket and receive a refund, however you are welcome to give/sell your ticket to a colleague. In this case, please remember to send me an email, to advise me of your name and the name of your colleague.

02 November 2011: PhD Day Program 2012

You can have a sneak peek at the PhD Day 2012 program. The sessions and chairmen are yet to be finalised.

22 September 2011: Abstract system closed for submission

The abstract system is now closed for submission. If you have any questions, please contact Lene Birkegaard Pedersen. lbp@sun.au.dk

26 August 2011: Fogh-Nielsen Prize Competition

The Fogh Nielsen Prize, which is awarded for excellent achievements in PhD research, is open for applications. The prize is for continuation of the PhD research. Three PhD students will be selected for presenting their project at the PhD Day and compete for the prize. Only PhD students that submit their dissertation before 31 December 2012 can apply. Deadline October 10, 2011.

See call and application form (Danish only).

23 August 2011: Profesor Sir Andrew McMichael is confirmed as Keynote speaker

We are delighted that Professor Sir Andrew McMichael FRS, FAcadMedSci, Director of the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, JR Hospital Headington, Oxford will give the Keynote Speech at the annual PhD day 2012.

22 August 2011: Deadline for printing of posters

Deadline for printing of posters at SUN-TRYK will be December 12, 2011. First and second year PhD students are all to contribute with a poster. Among third year PhD students 32 will be selected for oral presentation, the remaining will participate as chairmen.

22 August 2011: Abstract submission

We open for abstract submission the 22nd August 2011. Please note that the deadline for abstract submission is September 22, 2011. All PhD students are expected to submit an abstract, which will be printed in the abstract book. The maximum number of characters allowed is 1700. Research Year students and PhD students without login, please contact Lene Birkegaard Pedersen.typo3/alt_doc.php?edit[tt_content][8508]=edit&columnsOnly=bodytext, rte_enabled&noView=0&returnUrl=/gradschools/health/phddays/phdday2012/