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Are you considering a research stay abroad? Here, three PhD students who have completed a research stay abroad share their experience, reflections and best advise with you!

Toronto, Canada

”I have had a really good stay abroad and I feel I have gained lots of knowledge, experience and established a good network. Meeting a group of people who research the same topic as me has been an inspiring experience and makes me want to continue my work.”

- Anna Selmer Sørensen on her stay in Toronto, Canada

Guinea Bissau, Africa

“A stay abroad during your PhD education can be warmly recommended. Not 2 days are the same and a normal day at the office is never a normal day. On top of learning a new language and a new culture, I have gained lots of new friends and have become part of an international research environment.”

Sanne is describing a normal day in Guinea Bissau: "Doing your PhD abroad".

- Sanne Jespersen on her experience in Guinea Bissau

London, Great Britain

“Grab the opportunity to go out and see the world from a different perspective. We learn from stepping out of our comfort zone. We leave with the knowledge we gained from our country, we see the world, we absorb, we reflect, we return with so much more – something that cannot be read in an article or learned from a dissemination.”

- Polina Martinkevich went to Great Ormond Street Hospital, London