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Changes to your PhD study

Find information on the rules and obligations in connection with any changes in the PhD programme, the PhD project or in the group of supervisors.

Changes to the PhD project

To get changes to your PhD project approved, you need to send an application to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk stating the changes to the original project description (e.g. by using track changes). You need to send a new project description along with your application.

The changes to your PhD project will have to be approved by the Head of the Graduate Programme.

Changes to your supervisor group

Regular updates of a PhD project are considered a natural part of a PhD education, including (substantiated) change of supervisors. Change of main supervisor may be allowed upon application.

To get changes to the supervisor group approved, the PhD student needs to send an application to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk clearly stating the reasons behind the wish for changes.

All supervisors (incl. the new and/or old supervisors) have to either sign the application or be cc. on the application e-mail. This is to verify that changes to the group of supervisors has been discussed and approved by all supervisors.