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Mission Statement

It is one of the great achievements of the 20th century that a molecular understanding of human physiology came to be a tool in medical treatment. Thanks to this development, the 21st century offers hope for the cure, or at least better treatment, of a long range of diseases previously untreatable.

As a PhD student in our Graduate Programme, you want to be a committed contributor to this exciting development! The Graduate Programme in Biomedicine, as well as its cognate Department, is almost literally situated in between the basic molecular sciences and clinical research. The Programme is the proud sponsor of several high-profile PhD projects with the ambition to challenge unmet clinical needs with state-of-the-art methodologies with sciences ranging from molecular biology, all technologies of the era of ‘omics, and interdisiciplinary projects, just to mention a few topics covered by our students.

In a rapidly changing scientific world, we are steadfast and keen in keeping a high quality and integrity of our researches, here following the motto of Aarhus University “We seek solid ground in the depths”. We welcome students from all parts of the World. Our training brings the student in close contact with current science in fields such as cellular water transport, genome wide sequencing and the genetic basis for disease, molecular mechanisms in neural development and disease, and several aspects of inflammatory disorders.

As a student, you are part of friendly environment with relative close contact between students and their supervisors. We expect a high level of professional independence as well as ability to work in dynamic teams with changing levels of responsibility. A study in biomedicine requires a broad range of insights, not only on purely scientific problems, but also with an eye for disease mechanisms and their role in patient treatment. In mastering these topics, our students are future leaders in fighting disease, in Academia or industry, anywhere in the World.