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Is innovation your thing? Join the two-day challenge workshop to find out.
(NB! As of 2023, the challenge workshop will no longer be held)

The workshop lets you take on a real life case assignment from the health care industry. By thinking up a solution for a real life challenge in an interdisciplinary group of peers, you get experience with innovative processes, and a chance to practise your presentation skills, while working on your network.

The Challenge Track is a two-day workshop and starts a few days before the official Medical Innovation Day. 

  • Day 1 is for the workshop only.
  • Day 2 is the workshop combined with the rest of the sessions at Medical Innovation Day - an event that brings together students, researchers and business representatives to create solutions for the health challenges of the future. 

You get full board during the two-day workshop. If you are a PhD student, you are eligible for obtaining ECTS credits.

There will be a prize for the group coming up with the best solution!

For companies/organizations delivering a challenge case

On the Challenge Track, participants work together in teams to develop conceptual solutions to real-life challenges proposed by companies and patient organisations.

A Medical Innovation Day Challenge needs to be open enough to leave room for ideation of ambitious, innovative solutions, but specific enough to provide directional value creation back to the company who proposed the challenge.

Find more information on what a challenge should contain and what's in it for you and your company
To get inspiration, find former cases.