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Fogh-Nielsen prize competition 2025

The Consul Johannes Fogh-Nielsen’s and Mrs Ella Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy will award DKK 100,000 (subject to change) for the continuation of excellent research efforts by PhD students enrolled at Health, Aarhus University.

The grant is awarded for research purposes and is intended to support projects implementing new studies based on published research results achieved during the PhD studies.

The following conditions must be met in order for the application to be considered: 

  • The grant must not previously have been applied for 
  • The grant is available only to PhD students in the final stage of their PhD studies (for further information, see the call)
  • The applicant must be enrolled as a PhD student at Health on the date of application
  • The applicant must participate in the relevant PhD Day and have submitted an abstract for the day

Submit your application to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk – applications can only be submitted when the call is open; deadline for submission TBA.

How to present at the competition

Three candidates are selected on the basis of the applications, and they are to present their project in a ten-minute lecture (in English) on PhD Day followed by five minutes for questions.

The Fogh-Nielsen presentation excludes that the candidates participate in the PhD Day with an oral presentation or as a co-chair.

If you are not selected for the Fogh-Nielsen competition, you can participate in the PhD Day with an oral presentation or as a co-chair (if you are still enrolled at the time the PhD Day takes place)

Award of the grant

An appraisal of the presentation and the subsequent discussion will be included in the overall assessment. The grant is expected to be divided into three parts and will be awarded on the basis of the final assessment, which will be announced during the PhD Day evening party.

The Fogh Nielsen board and assessment committee

The board consists of:

  • Lawyer Jon Johnsen
  • Clinical professor Ida Vogel  
  • Professor Ditte Demontis

The board selects the three finalists for the prize competition among the applications from PhD students. 

The assessment committee consists of three senior researchers from Health, Aarhus University and it is appointed by the board for this single event. 

The assessment committee evaluates the three finalists and recommends the winner of the prize competition and the sharing of the research grant sum to the board. The board makes the final decision according to the fund rules of Consul Johannes Fogh-Nielsen’s and Mrs. Ella Fogh-Nielsen’s Legacy.