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PhD Day 2014

Scientific Communication - Science/Science Fiction

The PhD Day, 24 January 2014

The day will include exciting speakers, both Danish and international, poster/oral presentations, The Fogh Nielsen Prize competition and the well renowned dinner party in the evening.

As the PhD Day is the annual meeting point for all PhD students, everyone will again be expected to participate.

  • First and second year PhD students are expected to submit an abstract and present a poster
  • Third year or more PhD students should submit an abstract and will either be selected to do an oral presentation or will be selected as a chairman on a poster or oral session

Download abstract book for PhD Day 2014

28 January 2014: List of session winners

Session              name

Oral 1                Janus Hyldebrandt
Oral 2                Peter Hjertholm
Oral 3                Tue Wenzel Kragstrup
Oral 4                Henriette Bjerregaard
Oral 5                Merete Gregersen
Poster 1             Karen Guldbrandsen
Poster 2             Janne Mortensen
Poster 3             Natalie Momen
Poster 4             Christina Marie Baüner
Poster 5             Line Hvidberg
Poster 6             Laura Ozer Kettner
Poster 7             Camilla Askov Mousing
Poster 8             Hanne Mari Jørgensen
Poster 9             Mette Ladefoged
Poster 10           Åsa Lina Margaretha Jönsson
Poster 11           Seija Ylijoki-Sørensen
Poster 12           Dorte Hansen
Poster 13           Thomas Andersen
Poster 14           Sofie Christiansen
Poster 15           Iben Lyster Daugaard
Poster 16           Anna Szyszka
Poster 17           Kang Ran
Poster 18           Ole Kristian Møller-Helgestad
Poster 19           Marie Rose Hjortbak
Poster 20           Søs Ann Christine Neergaard-Petersen
Poster 21           Nicolaj Christopher Hansson
Poster 22           Niels Peter Andersen
Poster 23           Johan Frederik Berg Arendt
Poster 24           Noemie Regine Virginie Tentillier
Poster 25           Mette Bohl Larsen
Poster 26           Lene Duez
Poster 27           Julie Brogaard Larsen
Poster 28           Lu Xing
Poster 29           Jens Bay Vegger
Poster 30           Malene Beck
Poster 31           Christina Friis Jensen
Poster 32           Mai Lykkegaard Schmidt
Poster 33           Alexander Juhl Andersen
Poster 34           Maria Cathrine Corneliussen Vest Schmidt
Poster 35           Susanne Hass
Poster 36           Ditte Lou Langhoff Gantriis
Poster 37           Sidsel Hastrup
Poster 38           Pernille Libach Hansen

Congratulations to all of you!

10 January 2014: Registration for the annual grand dinner (Deadline: 17 January 2014)

Register for the annual grand dinner auws.au.dk/PhD_day_2014. The seats will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Deadline for registration is the 17th of January 2014.

20 December 2013: Programme PhD Day 2014

The programme for the PhD Day 2014 is now available. We look forward to welcome you on 11 January 2014.

19 December 2013: PhD Day 2014 – Abstract book out now!

The abstract book for PhD Day 2014 is now available at the homepage http://phd.au.dk/gradschools/health/phdday/abstract-book/

All participant, PhD-students as well as chairmen, are encourage to download the book and bring an electronic copy on the day on your smartphone or tablet.

Poster, oral presentation or chairman?

To find your role on the day, simply search the document for your name. This year the poster session has been put together on the basis of the graduate program and the field of research entered at time of abstract submission. We strongly recommend that you prepare for the PhD Day 2014 by reading the abstracts of the poster session in which you are to present as well as the abstracts for the oral session you plan to attend.

16 September 2013: Fogh-Nielsen Legacy Competition 

The Fogh Nielsen Legacy, which is awarded for excellent achievements in PhD research, is open for applications. The grant is given for continuation of the PhD research. Three PhD students will be selected for presenting their project at the PhD Day and will compete for the grant. Only PhD students that submit their dissertation before 31 December 2014 can apply. Please note that deadline for submission is 14 October 2013. 

See call and application form (in Danish) 

See call and application form (in English) 

6 September 2013: DMSc Peter Lund Madsen as speaker at the PhD Day

We are very pleased to announce that DMSc Peter Lund Madsen is going to speak at the PhD Day 2014. He will relate to the theme of the day 'Scientific Communication - Science/Science Fiction' alongside our panel (to be announced).

15 August 2013: We are now open for submission of abstracts

Please submit your abstract here

To login please use the same username and password as you use to access the course calendar.

Remember the deadline for submission of abstracts is the 1 November 2013. All PhD students are expected to submit an abstract, which will be printed in the abstract book. The maximum number of characters allowed is 1700 (including spaces).

4 June 2013: Professor Walter Boron confirmed as Keynote spaker

We are delighted that Professor Walter Boron, MD, PhD, Case Western Reserve University, will give the Keynote Speech at the annual PhD Day 2014.