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ECTS for other external activities

Besides receiving ECTS for participating in PhD courses, you can obtain ECTS when participating in conferences and congresses and/or going on your research environment changes abroad. Find the rules below. 

Conferences and congresses

You can obtain ECTS credits for actively taking part in a conference or a congress, e.g. with a poster presentation, a lecture/talk etc. 

This applies to conferences/congresses that you have actively taken part in from 1 May 2018 and onwards, and only if the conference/congress has direct relevance to the PhD project and is completed no more than two years before enrolment.

Active participation in one conference or congress will grant 1 ECTS credit. For conferences and congresses you can obtain a maximum of 1 ECTS credit per year/3 ECTS credits in total during your PhD study.

Choose between ECTS and dissemination hours

It is optional to obtain ECTS credits for conferences and congresses.

If you register a conference or congress for ECTS credits, you cannot register the same conference or congress as dissemination hours (and vice versa).

You need to choose whether a conference or congress should count as 1 ECTS credit or a dissemination activity (see teaching experience for further info).

How to register in MyPhD

  • If you wish to obtain ECTS credits for a conference or congress, please add the activity as a PhD Course in MyPhD and upload documentation for the activity (diploma or other confirmation of participation). 
  • If you wish to register a conference or congress as a dissemination activity, please add the activity as dissemination in your PhD Planner (incl. documentation for hours registered)

ECTS for going abroad

You can gain up to four ECTS credits for studies abroad, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • You must submit a report on your experience with information about the time spent abroad and the academic content. Find report template in the right sidebar
  • Students who have spent one to three months abroad can submit an experience report of max five pages and obtain two ECTS credits
  • Students who have spent four to six months abroad can submit an experience report of max eight to ten pages and obtain four ECTS credits
  • You must be willing to present your experience report or in some other way talk about your experience from the study period abroad in connection with the PhD day or in other relevant contexts, if requested by the graduate school
  • The experience report must be submitted to the graduate school administration no later than three months after completion of the study period abroad
  • The experience report must be approved by the graduate school management
  • When approved and allocated ECTS, you upload the report and register ECTS in MyPhD

Allocation of ECTS credits for a study period abroad does not prevent you from obtaining ECTS credits for courses completed while abroad. Credits for such courses are subject to special application. For more info, see our page external courses.