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PhD workshop: Fill Up Your Toolbox for Future Commercial Research Collaborations

Collaborate, co-create, commercialize

We invite curious people to explore their role in a professional, social setting and grow the skillset needed when entering an interdisciplinary team. These new skills will be a valuable asset to both your current research and future career!

During the two days, we will take a deep dive in a complex, real-life case from the biotech company Roche. We will challenge you - as part of a multi-skilled team - to generate and validate ideas that can serve as the best solution to the company’s challenge.

Not to let your genius idea go unnoticed, we will let you present the solution together with your team at Faculty of Health’s PhD Day (the day after the workshop) to a broad audience of Health PhD and Master’s students, academic staff members and invited companies.

Who can participate?

All PhD, Master and Bachelor students enrolled at Aarhus University regardless of discipline. No prior innovation experience is needed.
We have up to 30 seats. Participation is free of charge and includes full board.


How do you create an impact on today's disease care and management?

At this workshop, you will learn about your professional role in an interdisciplinary and multi-skilled team. You will explore your collaborative and commercial skills, and as a team you will co-create a business idea that will solve a real-life medical problem faced by Roche - one of the world's largest biotech companies.

You will get to understand the minds of business development in the medical area, and you will learn a range of methods to generate valid business ideas from a user-oriented perspective. Also, you will learn how to deliver a strong pitch – which will be applied when you pitch your business idea. The pitch will be given at Health PhD Day in one of the oral session groups.

A line of inspirational speakers - including entrepreneurs, AU spin-outs and former PhD students - will give you an idea of the entrepreneurial journey and what it’s like to run a research-based company. Also, they will inspire you to think outside academia when pursuing a career after your degree and how to best apply your professional skills. 

All of the above is facilitated by a skilled and diverse team of teachers that will ensure a fun workshop! Meet our team.

Learning outcomes

By completion of the workshop, you have trained how to…

  • … network, co-create and collaborate in an interdisciplinary team
  • … generate and validate good ideas from a user-oriented perspective to identify whether they have the potential to become a viable business
  • … deliver a convincing and powerful pitch

On top of that, you….

  • … have networked with people from the health care industry
  • … got inspired by an AU spin-out company and the ‘road to success’ or road ahead
  • … met a diverse team of teachers and had fun together with your peers!


All participants (PhD, Master, Bachelor students) are eligible for obtaining 1.6 ECTS credits.
A diploma will be issued upon completion of the workshop. Participants can use this to acquire ECTS credits at their local PhD administration/studies administration.

Meet our team

Ida Grønborg

Ida is a Nutritional Scientist and Co-founder of Cacta ApS – a company that strives to develop a home-monitoring device that empowers breast cancer survivors to detect lymphedema and take an active role in their own health. Besides being a rising entrepreneur, Ida has taught PhD and Master's degree students about co-creation in an interdisciplinary setting and pitch models for the last two years as part of the former concept “Medical Innovation Day – Challenge Track”.

Pernille Kølbæk

Pernille is a Senior Teaching Fellow at the new Danish fellowship programme Biomedical Design where she teaches and mentors in design thinking, ideation, facilitation and team dynamics. She holds a Master of Arts in Experience Economy.

She has engaged and inspired professionals with a prior background in medicine, engineering, business, IT, design or alike to create value for future health care. In her teaching, she strives to foster a creative and collaborative engagement among fellows - with a design attitude and entrepreneurial approach to personal and professional development.

External speakers and company representative(s) 

Inspirational talks:

  • TBA
  • TBA

Health care company presenting the case: 
Roche - represented by Stine Nynne Larsen and (TBC)

This team of top performers in the commercial world of health care will be happy to share their experiences informally, answering your questions and help you crossing barriers in future collaborations with commercial enterprises.

For Health PhD students
Health PhD students participating in this PhD workshop with a final pitch at PhD Day do not need to submit an abstract and do an individual presentation or act as co-chair at that same PhD Day. Your workshop pitch will count as one of the two active participations in PhD Day during your PhD enrolment, and once registered for the workshop you are automatically registered for PhD Day as well. 

Workshop: AU Conference Centre
Pitch/Health PhD Day: Lake Side Theatres

15 and 16 January 2025

Health PhD Day incl. pitch:
17 January 2025
Pitch session will be during the morning.
All are welcome to join throughout the day.

ECTS: 1.6

Sign up deadline: 30 October 2024 at 17:00

Next workshop - January 2025
Sign up opens in September 2024. Programme and case/company will be announced approx at the same time. 
Keep an eye on the graduate school's monhtly letter (5 Sept 2024)!


Annika Haarbye Jensen

PhD administrator Health Administrative Centre - Health PhD Administration