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PhD Day

Health PhD Day

The PhD Day is an annual event taking place in January as a joint venture between the PhD Association and the Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University. The day seeks to bring PhD students together and network across the broad diversity of scientific fields within health sciences that are represented at the faculty.

The PhD day is a chance for you to present your research to your peers as well as to more experienced researchers.The event also offers the chance for you to act as co-chair during the presentations, giving you the opportunity to get experience with acting as a scientific panel member in a conference. 

The PhD Day will as always include a keynote lecture. In addition, we invite you to join us for the Fogh-Nielsen prize competition and for the JCD prize award ceremony.

The PhD Day 2025 takes place on 17 January 2025 and the planning continues. After the summer holiday an invitation will be sent to PhD students and Research Year students at Graduate School Health. The website will be updated continuously. You can visit the archive to learn more about previous years' PhD Days.