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On these pages you will find all the relevant information about the submission of a PhD dissertation and the defence.

The PhD dissertation proves that the PhD student has been able to independently complete an academic project using relevant scientific methodologies, and thereby contribute to promoting research at a level that corresponds to the international standard for PhD degrees in health science.

The PhD dissertation is submitted in PDF format by e-mail. Before submitting the PhD dissertation, the PhD student has to complete and close the PhD plan in MyPhD. 

When the graduate school receives the PhD dissertation, we validate your PhD plan in MyPhD and sends the PhD dissertation to screening for duplicate text. Afterwards, we send the dissertation to the assessment committee by e-mail – the PhD student will be cc. on this e-mail.

If the committee’s assessment of your PhD dissertation is positive, the dissertation is accepted for public defence. The defence is a public ceremony that can be attended by anyone, and the defence should therefore be publicly announced, just as the dissertation needs to be available to the public in reasonable time before the defence, cf. the PhD Order §19 (2).