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PhD courses

During the course of your PhD study programme, you are required to complete PhD courses or similar subject elements totaling approximately 30 ECTS credits.

The Graduate School of Health offers a range of courses covering both scientific and generic subjects. As a supplement, you are welcome to attend external PhD courses (including transferable skills courses at AU).

Learn more about our range of graduate school courses, and how to sign up.

You are also welcome to suggest a new course to the graduate school.

Online Courses

Due to the COVID-19 situation, some of Health's PhD courses are conducted online. Below you find a list of PhD courses available online. The list is continuously updated.

Here you find a list of external online courses.

Online courses available at Health

Three available online courses at the moment.

Journal no.Course titleStart ECTSNote
P1050/34 Basic Biostatistics - part 1 (four days) 9 September5,0 Basic Biostatistics - part 1
P1050/34 Basic Biostatistics - part 2 (four days) 7 October7,4 Basic Biostatistics - part 2