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How to sign up for courses

All courses at the Graduate School of Health are available in the PhD Course Management . Here you can sign up for courses, look up information about available courses and get an overview of which courses you have registered for and which courses you have completed.

Learn more about how to access and navigate the  PhD Course Management below.

How to access the PhD Course Management

If you wish to sign up for courses, you must log on to the PhD Course Management. The PhD Course Management application is the application you as internal or external PhD student use to manage your courses. The first thing you need to do in order to register on PhD courses is to validate your profile. If you are an internal PhD student (from Aarhus University), you use your AU-ID

Your WAYF identity is identical to that of AU's self-service, mit.au.dk.

If you are an external PhD student please read the PhD Course Management userguide.

Your username is your Danish Civil Registration Number, your AU-matriculation number or an e-mail address known by the university.

Your password is identical to that of AU's self-service. Reset it on mit.au.dk.

How to navigate in the PhD Course Management

The  PhD Course Management consists of several elements which will assist you in creating an overview of the courses available. The function of the elements is described below.

In the top middle section, you will find a selection tool. Here you may choose to sort the courses by e.g. the starting date, course title or GP.

In the middle page section, you will find the course information. This includes the start date, course journal number, course title, course description, ECTS credits and the name of the responsible secretary. You are also able to view a full description of the course by clicking “View full description”.

To the right, you will find information about course registration. When clicking the “Register” button (only available when logged in), a window for your registration data will appear. Please fill out the blanks. This information will be saved for the next time you register for a course. When all blanks have been filled out and you have checked the "confirm..." checkbox and clicked “OK”, your registration is submitted. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by your AU e-mail.

When logged in, the left sidebar will show your personal sections.

  • The section “My Courses” shows which courses you have currently registered for. Here, you can also view or cancel your registration, and find your waiting list status.
  • The section “My Diplomas” shows the courses that you have participated in and which courses have been approved. Here, you are also able to download your course diploma.