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The dissertation must be submitted no later than at the end of the of enrolment period.

The dissertation will only be accepted for assessment if the total education is considered to have been completed in a satisfactory manner; such decision must be made on the basis of the PhD Plan and a statement made by the main supervisor.

Revised dissertations must be submitted by the set deadline.

You submit your dissertation in PDF format by sending it to graduateschoolhealth@au.dk stating your name and Graduate Programme in the header.

Before submitting the PhD dissertation, remember to close your PhD plan in MyPhD.

NB! If you submit your dissertation later than a year after your enrolment end, we will charge you a fee of 30,000 DKK.

Submitting your dissertation

Please email us two PDF files:

  1. Your PhD dissertation including articles/manuscripts, summaries in Danish and in English and the co-authorship declarations. The PDF file should be OCR-readable (see below)
  2. And these documents:
  • A declaration stating whether the dissertation has previously been assessed, either in the same or in a more or less amended form, with a view to conferral of an academic degree. The declaration needs to be signed by you
  • A statement by your main supervisor that the course of the PhD studies was satisfactory and that the requirements regarding course participation, dissemination and collaborating with external research environments have been met. The statement should be prepared together with the co-supervisors
  • If applicable, a copy of your exemption regarding submission in another language than English
  • If applicable, a discussion of any parts of the dissertation that may be covered by confidentiality

If the dissertation is submitted as a monograph based on research results achieved in collaboration with others, you also need to attach an explanation that describes the scope of this collaboration. The explanation has to be approved and signed by your main supervisor.

Emailing your dissertation as a PDF file

  • Your PhD dissertation should be submitted as an OCR-readable PDF using either Microsoft Word (save as: PDF, choosing: standard) or a free of charge converting program available on the Internet
  • To merge the different documents of your PhD dissertation into one, you can use a free of charge PDF Binder programme available online
  • Make sure that your PhD dissertation does not exceed 100 MB, which is the maximum capacity for the screening software. If the dissertation exceeds 100 MB, you can try to take out the co-authorship declarations and submit them in a separate PDF file.
  • If the file is too large to send by regular mail, please contact us at graduateschoolhealth@au.dk and we will send you a link for an uploading-site

File types and the screening software

  • The screening sofitware supports the following file types: Microsoft Word® (DOC and DOCX), Word XML, Plain Text (TXT), Adobe PostScript®, Portable Document Format (PDF), HTML, Corel WordPerfect® (WPD), Rich Text Format (RTF), PowerPoint files (.ppt), Excel (.xlsm), OpenOffice (ODT), Hangul HWP
  • The screening software does not support PDF files saved from Microsoft Works (.wps), Apple Pages file types, Spreadsheets (e.g. Excel files), PowerPoint files, LaTex files. Also, PDF files of images or PDF files which do not contain highlightable text (e.g. a "scanned" file) cannot be screened

No changes after submission

After the submission it is not possible to make any changes to your dissertation.

This includes wording, correction of spelling mistakes, replacement of articles in manuscript form with published articles etc. If a correction is necessary in order to understand the meaning of the text you may insert an amendment sheet in the printed version of the dissertation.

The submitted dissertation is the final version.

Printed dissertation

For the purpose of research dissemination, you need to submit one copy of the final PhD dissertation – printed, bounded or glued – to AU Library, Health Sciences after your defence (applicable from 15 February 2021)

The address is: AU Library, Health Sciences, Vennelyst Boulevard 4, 8000 Aarhus C.

You are personally responsible for the printing costs.

It is not a requirement that your PhD dissertation is printed in book form for the defence - although many choose to bring it to the defence as a book.

Please note the rules concerning legal deposit (pligtaflevering) of published works. The printing house is obligated to hand in two copies of your dissertation to the Royal Danish Library. Make sure that the printing house is aware of the rules. Please note, if you get your PhD dissertation printed at "Fællestrykkeriet, AU Tryk", they autimatically effects legal deposit of the dissertation.

Submission of dissertation without prior enrolment

According to the §15(2) in the PhD Order, the Graduate School of Health can accept a PhD dissertation for assessment without prior enrolment.

This requires that you pay a fee of DKK 30,000 which covers expenses relating to the assessment of the dissertation and the following public oral defense.

The fee should be transferred as soon as your PhD dissertation is accepted for assessment. You will receive an e-mail with payment information.

The following procedure may be employed in connection with submission of a dissertation without prior enrolment:

  • The dissertation should be submitted to us together with a statement explaining how you have conformed to the requirements of a PhD degree programme as stated in the PhD Order, including documented proof of activities listed in the statement. Please note, it is mandatory to have taken the course Responsible Conduct of Research. You can find a description of the course in PhD Course Management.   
  • The dissertation should also include a statement written by you clarifying whether the dissertation has previously been submitted to any other institution, and if yes to which.
  • The dissertation will initially undergo a general evaluation by the relevant head of Graduate Programme in order to establish whether the dissertation can be accepted for assessment.
    This includes whether you are considered to have obtained qualifications corresponding to a complete PhD degree programme at the Graduate School of Health.

If the head of the Graduate Programme accept the dissertation for assessment, you will receive information about payment of the fee and an assessment committee should be set up in accordance with our rules and regulations.

Hereafter, the standard procedure for assessment of a PhD dissertation and public defence will be followed.

Responsible research practice and research ethics

The dissertation must follow the Danish and international rules in force on responsible research practice, as these are framed in:

  • Aarhus University’s Code of Practice to Ensure Scientific Integrity and Responsible Conduct of Research at Aarhus University
  • Danish Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Find the codes of conduct here.